Irina Churbakov is a Nurse Practitioner specializing in Adult-Geriatric Primary Care. She began her nursing career in 2004 where she developed a strong background in GI Surgery/Surgical Step Down Unit/Acute Care Nursing in Mount Sinai in Manhattan. Irina holds a Masters of Science in Nursing from New York Molloy College. After being board certified by ANNP as a Nurse Practitioner she started to demonstrate and share her knowledge in the Long Island Osteoporosis and Arthritis Center.

Since joining, Irina’s’ goal as a Nurse Practitioner was to provide a high level of care at patient’s homes to maximize the patient’s quality of life. Most of our patients are of the elderly population and they are unable to visit their primary care provider outside of their homes due to the multiple comorbidities. Therefore, Irina’s goal is to help to manage chronic diseases at home by delivering the high quality of care in order to help patients minimize unnecessary hospitalizations and stay as healthy for as long as possible.

In her days off, Irina loves to watch TV, cook for her family, and travel. Her undivided love to her family is something that consumes her life. Her parents and her children are the world to her and she does everything possible to make sure they live the best and most comfortable lives as possible.